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August 1st, 2016

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Aaron Carter’s woody gets taken care of in the morning even before he wakes up. As long as he’s with his naughty boyfriend, breakfast in bed is always in order. Eating each other’s dicks and fucking each other’s bungholes are their specialty.

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April 1st, 2016

Aaron Carter knows how to have fun. Probably having too much fun though as he’s been losing so much weight. Looks like he prefers sex videos than MTV nowadays where he gets plowed in his ass while tied on the bed. Sounds exciting than his voice on the radio, yeah?

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Aaron Carter Is A Hot Stud!

August 13th, 2010

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He is the youngest male solo artist to have four Top 40 singles,  now Aaron Carter wants to have an image change! Aaron began his career in show biz at the tender age of seven. Well, this little boy has grown up to be quite a big man! Aaron has  decided to veer away from his wholesome and childish image into a more daring and mature performer.

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The handsome stud can be now seen going around town shirtless displaying his buff young body; taking some hot pictures of himself on the mirror; and getting photographed by the paparazzi with nothing much but his his underwear on.  All this comes as a shock to everyone most especially to his young fans who knew him as a pre-teen pop sensation and other concerned parents who are not used to seeing  Aaron brandishing his newfound raw masculinity.

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Aaron Carter Seeing Karina Smirnoff?

April 15th, 2010

Is Aaron Carter seeing his partner in Season 9 of Dancing With The Stars?  Well, we wouldn’t be surprised because as fans of Nicky’s little bro, we sure loved the beautiful music those two made together on that show.  Too bad they only finished 5th, although we voted all night for this cute hottie!

I guess the news started coming out when Karina Smirnoff called it quits with her erstwhile fiance Maxim Chmerkovskiy recently, and said she’s loving the single life.  Yeah right, the single life!  Who’d choose to be single with a hunky blonde like Aaron Carter around that you can choose to hook up with.  Celebrities, who can understand them?

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August 1st, 2008

I’ve found some personal photos of Aaron Carter and I’m sharing them with you in this post.  We all agree on one thing; that Aaron is a doll and he is still one of the hottest guys around.  If you don’t agree with this, I don’t know what you’re doing reading this post.  He’s the type of young male celebrity that just oozes with sex appeal.  And that appeal is never more evident than in these candid pictures.  Check them out for yourself and click the thumbs below to get the full version.

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August 1st, 2008

These are some gorgeous pictures of Aaron Carter wearing a partially open jacket and showing a bit of his chest.  I’m sure a lot of you wish that he unzipped that jacket all the way down.  And maybe you’re also hoping to see more of Aaron and not these half body shots that I have included in this post.  Well, fear not because I happen to know of a website that will blow your horny brains out!  I’m talking about www.aaroncarternude.net and I’m saying that this site is the bomb when it comes to bringing you the latest pictures of your favorite Hollywood stud.  If you’re curious and just plain itching to get on to the good stuff, then simply click on the link I provided above and get busy surfing the site for nude pictures and videos of Aaron Carter.

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August 1st, 2008

Calling all horny girls and every lusty queen out there – I present to you Aaron Carter totally nude and showing off his huge jackson!  This is the Internet moment you’ve all been waiting for.  Aaron Carter finally decides to strip down and show the world what he’s got down south.  Click the picture and download this image while it’s hot!

Man, whatever he’s doing with his life right now, he better stop because soon his torso isn’t going to be the only gaunt part of his body.  Haha, if he doesn’t stop with the booze and drugs that thing down there will definitely shrink and I’m sure he wouldn’t want that to happen.  Even in this pic, it looks like he’s having a hard time trying to keep his dick straight.  Well, if this picture seems to be a bit of a disappointment for you, then head on to Aaron Carter Nude and get the really hot shit I’ve been talking about.  That’s right; check out the site now by simply clicking on the link and feel free to browse the best in Aaron Carter nude images and videos available in the web today.